Rejuvenation not Replacement

Female hormones during Peri-Menopause & Menopause

Throughout a woman’s life she will face many challenges with hormonal fluctuations. These fluctuations are natural and normal and something that all women experience. When looking specifically at peri-menopause and menopause, one must understand first that this time of life is a natural and normal part of life for women however, severe symptoms are not. When a body is in balance it moves through waves of change in a gentle way.

During a human life many factors influence well-being and stress and strains accumulated over time have a wicked way of rearing their ugly head when we go through a change. There is an adjustment period with any transition but, this adjustment can be more of a subtle shift as opposed to a violent storm if we have the proper tools and understanding of these changes.

An essential concept to comprehend is, a body experiencing optimal wellness makes transitions with ease. So, here we find the root of the problem. The problem is not the shift itself but, the state the body is in during the shift. If we follow this thought with logic we will find that our conclusion is to bring the body back to a point of balance and well-being and, when this happens, symptoms should subside.

There are many options and solutions being offered through doctors and natural practitioners and, most of the solutions are directly related to hormone levels as that seems to be the most rapid solution for alleviating symptoms, however, this in my opinion, is not a long term solution as hormonal replacement is just that, replacement for something that the body should be doing naturally. When I think of health I think of sustainable health. A body in balance sustains itself.

That being said, one must look to solutions that rejuvenate the systems of the body. Bio identical hormones, hormones derived from plant sources or, even traditional medical HRT all alleviate symptoms because they are replacing something the body is not manufacturing naturally however, if a woman is no longer having children, such high levels of hormones are unnecessary. The endocrine system produces enough hormones in a healthy body to maintain health and balance in women past their childbearing years.

The question is, how do we bring the body back to an optimal state of wellness? This is where things begin to take a little more work and effort on our part. The sooner we begin, the better as, eventually, everything we have done to our bodies all catches up and we find ourselves in a terrible state. This time of transition may be the perfect time to begin unwinding the years of abuse our body has experienced through poor lifestyle and diet habits. Of course, HRT can make one feel better quickly but, it is my opinion that, eventually, we will experience other problems from not healing the underlying cause of our imbalance.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to communicate to us what is going on and, it is our job to listen. How does one begin “unwinding” years of poor choices? How does one begin rejuvenating the body so it can sustain itself and feel great? It starts slowly. For some women, using a bio identical cream for a short period to help alleviate symptoms may be a good solution while beginning the unwinding process. In my opinion, however, it is important not to use HRT as a quick fix so one can maintain an unsustainable lifestyle. Lifestyle changes must be made in order for the body to heal. Detoxifying the organs and blood and rebuilding the cells with nourishing plants such as herbs as well as implementing relaxation techniques and resting more are the beginning of the unwinding and rejuvenation process.

There are many herbal therapies as well as dietary implementations that assist in this process And, as time passes, a subtle shift in the way one feels may occur. Some people experience intense detoxification symptoms as the body purges years of pollution but, as the toxins are removed, the cells are ready to absorb foods rich in nutrients that elevate one into a greater sense of wellness. As the body comes into balance, symptoms subside and one may experience more energy, a more stable mood, greater peace and better sleep as well as less body fat, healthy skin and fresh breath. Rejuvenation
is not necessarily the easiest choice but, in my opinion, it is the choice with the most longevity.

It is not a quick fix or a Band-Aid. It is total body renewal.


Kori Gaila