I have worked in the natural health and spa industry for over 20 years as a Beauty Therapist. I have grown herbs, created medicines, beauty products, worked as a raw food chef and a vegetarian cook in natural food restaurants. I have studied Ayurveda extensively and learned about herbs and natural medicine from indigenous healers. I learned my art the traditional way, as an apprentice with elders. This is a dying tradition. This is sad as there is much subtle energetic information passed directly from teacher to student. I have quietly watched the growth of the natural healing industry over the past several years and it seems as though it has rushed far ahead of me as, I have never really sought to capitalize on my knowledge. I have not pursued fame or fortune.

I have consulted and taught classes. I have written several articles and see myself writing books at some point. Money has never been the motivator in my learning or sharing healing. As a matter of fact, in several traditions, a healer is not allowed to charge for services as the knowledge given is seen as Divine and given to those who have been entrusted with sacred knowledge so; that it is not exploited. We, unfortunately, live in a culture driven by money and so, it becomes a necessary evil. I charge for my massage and skin care sessions and, for some of my teaching and, I try to provide useful remedies. Some I grow and make and give away and, others, I research and order to sell, but, I try to remain faithful to the belief that healing is a Divine gift and in sharing knowledge I know I am in service to Ke Akua. I accept donations and offer consultations for a small fee. I am putting an online store together with the some of the best natural remedies that I have found and I will provide links to sites that I find helpful.

With the phenomena of the natural medicine industry come hype and exploitation and greed. None of these values are in accordance with Divine law. Take only what you need. This is hard to define as it seems some believe they need more and some less. I ask you to sit quietly with this idea and be honest in discovering ways to walk more lightly on the earth. I will continue to remain centered and share knowledge and help sort useful information from fads so that the information that I share with you has deep meaning and assists you with your particular need.