Spiritual Counsel Sessions:

Initial assessment: 10min complimentary

30 min counsel only: $40

60 min (may include personalized guided meditation with specific visualization and other tools for healing, self-care and transformation) *beneficial for emotional issues and natural pain management.

Behavior assessment to assist in new habit formation and change undesired habits: priced individually based on desired results determined during initial assessment.

Holistic counsel:

Initial assessment: 10min complimentary (to determine if this is appropriate for you)

Sessions are either 60 min or 90 min based on your needs.

An assessment of goals and evaluation of current diet and lifestyle are taken. Concerns are evaluated and an action plan is custom tailored to meet your needs.




Tarot Readings:

Basic 3 card reading: 30 min $40

Tarot readings can extend beyond 30 min depending on a client’s needs. Readings extending beyond the 30 min time frame are billed at $2 per minute

Massage Therapy:

50 min: $80

80 min: $120



The only thing that truly exists is divinity expressed as a stream of energy that flows through all and is what we experience as love. All else is illusion. Once one returns to the source all else falls away and we begin to feel the magnitude of existence. — Kori Gaila