Dr. Kori Gaila (Pi'ilani)

Spa Consultant / Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Beauty Therapist / Certified Herbalist / Medical Aesthetics Professional / Master Massage Therapist / Wellness Consultant for Organic Skin Care with Hawaiian Concept / Educator

Lady Kori Gaila
Bio Info:
 ( Lady Amb Dr.) Kori Gaila is a highly respected professional in wellness and aesthetics and integrates her holistic knowledge with the best industry innovations to create flawless results for keeping beautiful skin and creating and maintaining whole body health.
She applies her knowledge of aromatherapy, natural healing, herbs, energy work and yogic principles to helping her clients on their journey to health and well-being. Her knowledge of natural medicine combined with her training in modern beauty and Western Psychology methods allows Kori to provide customized beauty and well-being programs that are easy to follow. She supports her client’s goals of achieving better Health and Natural Beauty.
Dr.Kori Gaila began her career in Hollywood in front of, and behind, the camera in the mid 1980’s. She was a working model, Screen Actors Guild actress, and dancer, as well as a respected make-up artist. The demands of Hollywood pushed her to seek optimal wellness and balance.
 As a child she learned massage from her Eastern European grandmother and herbs from her Russian grandmother. She started studying yoga when she was 5 years old. At age 21 she became the apprentice of a Navajo medicine woman and acupuncturist and studied herbs and holistic medicine. During this time, she attended massage school.
There were very few teachers in natural medicine at that time and, so, Dr. Kori travelled to various sustainable farming communities to learn herbal medicine, organic farming, and farm to table cooking. She cooked for over 100 people on the farms. Later, Dr. Kori worked as a raw food chef and vegetarian cook in several organic restaurants in both California and Hawaii. She organized yoga retreats and ayruvedic cooking classes for Shivananda Ashram.
Dr.Kori continued her studies in aromatherapy, yoga, ayruveda, massage and then attended aesthetics school in 1996. She has created several skin care and massage/ body treatment protocols for multiple high-end spas in both California and Hawaii.
Dr. Kori Gaila has worked as a consultant and educator for skin/body care product lines and was a respected guest speaker at various spa conventions in the Hawaiian Islands. She created the product line, “Kiluea Botanicals”, in 2003 and purchased a small parcel of land in the Hawaiian rainforest to grow herbs and create a wellness center. She developed the land in an eco-conscious way and began a small permaculture farm intended for retreats and education. Dr. Kori designed concept and creation for an organic, eco-friendly, rainforest healing retreat center close to Madam Pele.
 During her time in the rainforest, she studied and worked with Hawaiian Kahuna. She learned Lomi and La’au, and during her fish medicine class with Papa Henry Awai’s grandson, Kehau Keopuiwa, she was hanaied. Her Hawaiian name is Pi’ilani Keopuiwa. The name Pi’ilani was given to her by her mother, with permissioi(an Al’i name)  from her childhood best friend, Pi’ilani, in Guam. Her mother was a Thaitian dancer and Pi’i was her Halau sister.
Her land was close to the crater of Kiluea and was affected by the 2018 eruption, so the land was sold at the time. Shortly after, during covid quarantine, she hosted, wrote and directed a show on natural medicine that was aired on roku/amazon TV and a Dallas base news station in 2020.Dr. Kori Gaila’s last five years in Hawaii were spent working as lead aesthetician and lead massage therapist at a 5-star resort spa on the gold coast of the Big island of Hawaii. She is currently working in an exclusive integrated wellness facility in the Midwest and serving clients remotely as a hypnotherapist and beauty/wellness consultant.
Dr.Kori Gaila holds a BA in Philosophy with an emphasis in eastern philosophy and graduated maga cum laude. She is a member of the International Psychology Honor Society and holds a master’s degree in Human Behavior/Education. During her graduate work her area of focus was in autism and neuroscience. During her time in graduate school she worked as a Behavior Therapist with children with autism and was in this field for 5 years. She applies her knowledge of both neuroscience and human behavior to her hypnotherapy practice and wellness consultations.
 Dr. Kori Gaila was given an honorary PhD in Herbal and Holistic Medicine Theory. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, ordained minister, licensed esthetician and licensed massage therapist. Kori holds the title of ambassador for Guru Nanak University, Royalty Peace Advocacy, and Merel Rebirth Foundation. She is President of Successworld 1 Hawaii Chapter, a charity which promotes education for women and children globally. Kori Gaila is a correspondent for Azul Luna radio/TV. Lady Amb. Dr. Kori Gaila is Ms. Universe Tourism Hawaii 2023-2024. Dr.Kori has been honored globally with awards for peace advocacy, education, and charity. She has devoted her life to alternative medicine and healing arts.